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A logical conclusion bases on available information or evidence...
a) observation
b) statement
c) theory
d) inference

SI standard
a) a standard of best practices in Geography.
b) A standard system of units based on factors of 10.
c) a standard system of units based on feet and inches.
d) An outdated system no longer in use.

What variable never changes
a) Constant
b) Independent
c) Dependent
d) Experimental

Algae are....
a) plantlike protists
b) fossils
c) non-living
d) found only in oceans

When using living animals in scientific research, which of the following is especially important?
a) precision
b) ethics
c) bias
d) constants

Which is not a result of scientific inquiry?
a) Adding more branches of science
b) possible explanations for questions
c) technology
d) new materials

Scientists analyze results by using which tool(s) to help recognize patterns
a) A.) graphing and tables
b) B.)Models and calculations
c) C.) models and calculations
d) D.) A and B only

Which of the following is a way that scientists communicate their results to others?
a) Speak at conferences
b) write scientific articles
c) exchange information on the internet
d) All of these

A prediction or statement that can be tested
a) Model
b) Diagram
c) hypothesis
d) Control group

The factor measured or observed during an experiment
a) Constant
b) Independent Variable
c) Dependent Variable
d) Experimental group

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