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What is the food of the gods?
a) Chaos
b) Ambrosia
c) Olympus
d) Reign

What is a state of utter confusion?
a) Olympus
b) Reign
c) Chaos
d) Myth

Where would a blacksmith work?
a) Forge
b) Mt. Olympus
c) Underworld
d) Trident

A traditional story, often used to explain something in history.
a) Short Story
b) Novel
c) Folktale
d) Myth

The 12 Greek Gods are called...
a) The Rulers of the World
b) The Titans
c) Olympians
d) The Planets

The point where something begins is the...
a) Origin
b) Ending
c) Conclusion
d) Mythological

A royal domain or kingdom
a) Reign
b) Olympians
c) Realm
d) Chaos

To have control, rule, or influence
a) Mythological
b) Reign
c) Realm
d) Ambrosia

A three-pronged spear
a) Ambrosia
b) Trident
c) Singlet
d) Forge

Where do the Greek Gods/Goddesses live?
a) Mt. Olympus
b) Mt. Rome
c) Mt. Appalachian
d) Mt. Everest

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