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An element with 6 protons is....
a) carbon
b) phosphorous
c) oxygen
d) boron

How many electrons can be found in the 2nd electron cloud?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 6
d) 4

Which of the following bonds shares electrons?
a) ionic
b) peptide
c) hydrogen
d) covalent

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) wood burning
b) dissolving sugar in water
c) painting a house
d) water freezing

There is an unknown substance that is a silvery powder with a constant melting point and it cannot be chemically or physically separated into different substances. This unknown substance is most likely a/an
a) element
b) mixture
c) compound
d) metal

Which of the following is an example of turning solar energy into chemical energy?
a) high winds turning a windmill
b) green plants making food
c) uranium releasing heat and creating steam
d) a battery charging

Elements found in group 16 are likely to...
a) act like metals
b) gain electrons
c) become large molecules
d) melt

Which of these produces most of the compounds found in acid rain?
a) fossil fuels
b) windmills
c) solar cells
d) nuclear fission

Water acts as a solvent of ionic compounds because
a) water is a liquid over wide range of temperatures
b) water molecules are polar
c) water is found in 3 states of matter
d) water takes the shape of the container

A substance used to clean ovens must be handled with rubber gloves. This substance is also slippery and will turn litmus paper blue. What does this substance likely contain?
a) an acid
b) a base
c) an isotope
d) a metal

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