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What happened to most of the Mississippian Indians when they began contact with the Europeans?
a) They died from disease.
b) They died from warfare.
c) They peacefully traded with each other.
d) ####

What eventually killed most of the Mississippian Indians?
a) disease
b) warfare
c) intense flooding
d) years of drought

Why did Mississippian Indian villages have moats and palisades?
a) for protection
b) to bury their dead
c) for weapons
d) for food

The leader of each chiefdom was known as:
a) the priest-chief
b) the king
c) the pharoah
d) the amir

Which of the following is an example of how the Mississippian Indians organized society?
a) chiefdoms
b) empires
c) countries
d) city-states

Why did the Mississippian Indians build permanent settlements?
a) They learned how to grow food (horticulture).
b) They were defended themselves against the Europeans.
c) Diseases forced them to isolate from each other.
d) North America ran out of animals to hunt.

What did the Mississippian Indians use for religious and burial sites?
a) temple-mounds
b) missions
c) dungeons
d) totem poles

When the Europeans first arrived in North America, they were met by:
a) the Mississippian Indians
b) the Woodland Indians
c) the Paleo Indians
d) the Archaic Indians

How did the first Indians arrive in the Americas?
a) They crossed the Bering Strait.
b) They sailed from eastern Asia.
c) The sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa.
d) They became lost at sea and eventually wound up in the New World.

Who were the first American Indians in modern-day Georgia?
a) the Paleo Indians
b) the Woodland Indians
c) the Archaic Indians
d) the Mississippian Indians

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