Indian Tribes Test Chapter 1 Grade 5 Question Preview (ID: 47685)

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Which Native American tribe lived on the Plateau and were named by the French settlers?
a) the Nez Perces
b) the Inuits
c) the Makahs
d) the Navajos

What suggests that the earliest Americans were hunters?
a) potlatches
b) tomols
c) totem poles
d) clovis points

In what culture area did the Cherokees live?
a) Plateau
b) Plains
c) Northwest Woodlands
d) Southeast Woodlands

In what culture area did the Navajos and Pueblos live?
a) Southwest
b) California
c) Arctic
d) Pacific Northwest

What did the Iroquois sometimes use as money?
a) Appaloosas
b) wampum
c) cradle boards
d) totem poles

Beliefs, customs, and creative arts of a group of people are called ...
a) tomols
b) artifacts
c) kivas
d) culture

A person who looks for artifacts in order to study the past is called ...
a) an archaelogist
b) a kachina
c) a shaman
d) an explorer

The first Americans may have come by crossing the ...
a) Mississippi River
b) Red Sea
c) Bering Strait
d) Indian Ocean

A frame used by Native Americans to carry babies on their backs was called...
a) a cradle board
b) a waddle a daub
c) a kachina
d) a harpoon

A Navajo home that was dome-shaped and made of wooden poles, tree bark, and mud is called a/an
a) longhouse
b) hogan
c) pueblo
d) kiva

A rectangular shelter built by the Iroquois is called a/an...
a) longhouse
b) pueblo
c) hogan
d) kiva

An American village of the Southwest made of stone and adobe buildings built close together is called a/an ...
a) pueblo
b) kiva
c) hogan
d) igloo

A dome shaped house made of blocks of snow and ice or sod that was built by the nomadic Inuits is called a/an ...
a) pueblo
b) longhouse
c) hogan
d) igoo

A special toom in a pueblo that was set aside for religious activities is called a/an ...
a) hogan
b) kiva
c) igloo
d) longhouse

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