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The layer of the atmosphere just above the lowest layer of the atmosphere, known for its strong, steady winds, but few weather changes is the ______
a) exosphere
b) magnetosphere
c) mesosphere
d) stratosphere

Air pressure is measured with a(n) __________
a) thermometer
b) barometer
c) anemometer
d) psychrometer

Ozone is concentrated in the _________
a) troposphere
b) ionosphere
c) mesosphere
d) stratosphere

A portion of the mesosphere and thermosphere known for its ability to bounce radio signals is the _________
a) exosphere
b) ionosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

Air pressure decreases as you go higher into the atmosphere.
a) True
b) False

Energy from what source drives the atmosphere and hydrosphere?
a) Sun
b) Radioactive decay
c) Primordial coalescence
d) Chemical reactions

The atmosphere is made primarily of
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) argon

The lowest layer of the atmosphere is the _________.
a) exosphere
b) ionosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

Where does the weather occurs?
a) stratosphere
b) thermosphere
c) troposphere
d) mesosphere

Where do we live?
a) stratosphere
b) troposphere
c) mesosphere
d) ionosphere

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