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Colonial fighter known as the Swamp fox. He fought using guerilla tactics
a) Nathan Hale
b) John Paul Jones
c) Francis Marion
d) George Rogers Clark

Prussian that helped to train the troops at Valley Forge. He gave them strict discipline.
a) Baron Fredrick Von Stuben
b) Marquis de Lafayette
c) John Paul Jones
d) Francis Marion

Colonial general turned traitor, he tried to sell the plans to colonial fort West Point to the British.
a) Benedict Arnold
b) George Washington
c) Francis Marion
d) Fredrick Von Stuben

The last major battle of the Revolutionary War. It was won by the colonist with help from the French.
a) Yorktown
b) Cameroon
c) Saratoga
d) Trenton

Colonial leader that warned of the British coming to Concord.
a) Francis Marion
b) Nathan Hale
c) Paul Revere
d) Jim Fisher

The lastchance peace offer made to the British by the colonist. He didn't even read it.
a) The Hog Branch Petition
b) Olive Branch Petition
c) The olive oil Petition
d) The Declaration of Independence

Phamplet written by Thomas Paine, that gave simple arguments as to why England should not rule America.
a) Common Law
b) Common Language
c) Common Sense
d) Horse Sense

The Leader of the Continential
a) Arron Burr
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) George Washington

The Revolutionary battle that drove the British out of Boston.
a) Dorchester Heights
b) Bunker Hill
c) Breeds Hill
d) Beacon Hill

The first shot of the war , fired in lexington, was called the shot heard around the world. Why?
a) It was really loud
b) It ended the War
c) It was the first time a people overthrew a king and ruled themselves
d) It began socialism

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