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Veterans Day honors...
a) Men who have served in the military
b) All answers are correct
c) People who have died while serving our country
d) Woman who have served in the military

Veterans Day is celebrated on what date?
a) November 11th
b) December 1st
c) October 31st
d) April 20th

The date November 11th is important because...
a) It is the president's birthday
b) It is the day World War 1 ended
c) It is the United States' independence day
d) The first American flag was established

Before November 11th was named Veterans Day is was called...
a) Armistice Day
b) Memorial day
c) Independence Day
d) Flag Day

Who keeps day and night vigils at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
a) The Old Guard
b) Students
c) The President
d) Senators

What is Old Glory?
a) Flag
b) Song
c) Pen
d) Soldier

Who made the first American flags?
a) Betsy Ross
b) Nancy Pelosi
c) Hannah Montana
d) Martha Washington

What is the name of the national anthem?
a) Star Spangled Banner
b) America is Awesome
c) Fifty Nifty United States
d) Yellow Rose

What is the national bird?
a) Bald Eagle
b) Giraffe
c) California Condor
d) Pidgeon

What flower is used for rememberance on Veterans Day?
a) Poppy
b) Bluebonnet
c) Sunflower
d) Daisy

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