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The Battle of the Revolutionary War that is called the Turning point
a) Trenton
b) Saratoga
c) Princeton
d) Dorchester Heights

Colonist that remained true to Britain during the Revolution.
a) Patriots
b) Loyalist
c) Redcoats
d) Continential

Battle in which Washington crossed the Delaware River and attacked Germans on Christmas night. It encouraged Washingtons men to re enlist.
a) Saratoga
b) Trenton
c) New England
d) Boston

The First Major Battle of the Revolutionary War
a) Bunker Hill
b) Gage Hill
c) Revere Way
d) Trenton

Site of a cold winter for colonial troops over 2000 lost their lives
a) New York
b) Trenton
c) Valley Forge
d) Boston

The primary author of the Declaration of Independence was
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Ben Franklin
c) George Washington
d) Paul Revere

The Name given to the British Soldiers
a) Blue Bloods
b) The Red Apples
c) Redcoats
d) The Grey Coats

English King at the time of the Revolution
a) Henry VIII
b) George III
c) John II
d) William of Orange

Colonial Milita had to be ready quickly
a) Minute Men
b) Rangers
c) Over Mountain Men
d) The Foxes

Frenchman who provided money and leadership to the Revolutionary cause
a) MARCEL Marceau
b) Don Perrione
c) Marquis de Lafayette
d) Jerry Lewis

Colonist that wrote a phamplet with simple arguments as to why America should be independent from England
a) Thom Thumb
b) Thomas Paine
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Ben Franklin

Document in which America declared its independence from England
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Religious Freedom Act
c) Freedom Act
d) Magna Carta

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