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The Aswan High Dam impacts Egypt in all of the following ways EXCEPT -
a) controlling flooding of the Nile River
b) creating access to the Red Sea
c) irrigating millions of acres of land
d) supplying electrical power to half of the country

Irrigation is used by farmers to grow crops on land that would otherwise not be usable. This process explains how -
a) mankind has survived throughout the ages
b) regional climatic patters and weather phenomena affect people and places
c) technology affects one's ability to modify the environment and adapt to it
d) humans influence the environment are influenced by it

Which body of water is a fraction of its former size due to the diversion of water in the former Soviet Union?
a) Aral Sea
b) Arab Sea
c) Arabian Sea
d) Dead Sea

Which is not an impact that deforestation has had on the Congo Basin?
a) It has increased the amount of river water helping the water animals survive
b) It has increased poaching of animals because they are more in the open
c) It has decreased the quality of the air because the level of carbon is lower
d) It has changed the climate of the region

Which of the following is NOT an effect that building dams and reservoirs can have on the environment?
a) Stop fish migration
b) Help rebuild forests
c) Destroy forests and wildlife habitats
d) Prevent flooding and re-minteralization

Seismic monitoring provides a way of minimizing the impact of which of the following natural hazards?
a) Hurricanes
b) Floods
c) Earthquakes
d) Tornadoes

Which factor explains the change in land area along the coast of the Netherlands?
a) Construction of polders
b) Soil deposited by ocean currents
c) Building in terraces
d) Acid rain

Agricultural terracing most directly affects which landform?
a) Deserts
b) Lowlands
c) Jungles
d) Mountains

Which of the following countries, or areas, are NOT plagued by acid rain?
a) Scandinavia
b) Germany
c) Russia
d) Canada

One of the costliest malfunctions in the field of nuclear energy happened in -
a) Toronto
b) Chernobly
c) Mexico City
d) Budapest

The use of canals demonstrates mankind's -
a) understanding of natural resources
b) effective use of energy resources
c) appreciation for land
d) water diversion/management program

The following are examples of fossil fuels EXCEPT -
a) solar
b) natural gas
c) crude oil
d) coal

Which technological innovation has led to an increase in suburbs around cities?
a) Airplanes
b) Automobiles
c) Air Conditioning
d) Trains

Which energy source's waste is extremely dangerous?
a) nuclear
b) solar
c) natural gas
d) coal

What has expanded people's ability to modify and adapt to their physical environment?
a) Language
b) Populations
c) Climate
d) Technology

Technological improvements in housing materials allow people to live -
a) closer to urban areas
b) in larger homes
c) in various environments
d) closer to farms

Fertilizer and mechanization have allowed mankind to modify and adapt what type of environment?
a) Nuclear
b) Agriculture
c) Transportation
d) Solar

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