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The best shoes for lab days are
a) open-toed
b) sandals
c) closed-toed

You should prepare for each lab activity by reading all instructions
a) while you are working
b) when you have questions
c) before you start the experiment

When using hazardous liquids, solids, or gases in lab, you must wear:
a) approved safety goggles
b) prescription eyeglasses
c) no eye wear is required unless you are heating liquids

To avoid contamination of objects or food later at lunch
a) wash hands with soap and water
b) wipe hands with a paper towell
c) heat hands over a burner flame to kill germs

Broken glassware like broken or cracked test tubes should be discarded in
a) designated waste container
b) any sink
c) stuffed in a cabinet

Report any accident, spill, breakage, or injury to
a) instructor immediatley
b) principal immediately
c) nurse immediately

Do not _____ as containers for food or beverages.
a) plastic water bottles
b) lab glassware
c) takeout containers

Proper lab etiquette includes all of the following except
a) keep hair tied back with a hair band
b) make sure all loose or baggy clothing is secured
c) sandals, tennis shoes, or boots are proper apparel

OF the following, which is proper lab safety
a) As long as lab supplies are out at your station, it is fine to start using them
b) Food is fine as long as it's been in a sealed container
c) Do not touch any equipment or lab supplies until instructed to do so.

When using scalpels or sharp scissors, carry them:
a) with tips pointing down and away
b) high in the air so all can see them
c) wrapped in a paper towel

If glassware breaks, use ____ to pick it up
a) your fingers
b) broom, dustpan, or tongs
c) gloved hands

The best tool for measuring mass would be
a) electronic balance
b) centrifuge
c) graduated cylinder

Graduated cylinders are for
a) heating liquids
b) measuring small volumes
c) mixing chemicals

When you must sniff a solution to detect an odor, be sure to
a) blow your nose before and after
b) hold it directly under your nose touching your nostrils
c) hold it away from your face and waft the odors

Helping to clean up the laboratory is the job of
a) the last class of the day
b) all students
c) the custodians and the teacher

If you do not understand a direction or part of a lab procedure, you should
a) figure it out as you do the lab
b) ask your partner to skip it and come back to it later
c) ask your teacher

After completing an experiment, all chemical wastes should be
a) left at your lab station for the next class
b) disposed of according to your teachers instructions
c) dumped down the sink

You have been injured in the lab (cut, burn, etc). First you should
a) go to the nurse after class
b) tell the teacher immediately
c) apply first aid as best as you can

In lab, goofing off, practical jokes, and being off task are
a) never okay
b) okay as long as you dont get caught
c) not dangerous if no one gets hurt

Graduated cylinder measures
a) mass
b) volume
c) length

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