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What does a possessive noun end in?
a) 's or s'
b) s
c) ing
d) ed or 's

Which noun is ALWAYS capitalized?
a) common
b) proper
c) possessive
d) plural

What type of noun names a general category of people, places, things, animals, or ideas?
a) common
b) proper
c) possessive
d) plural

Which of the following is a proper noun?
a) Squeaky
b) runner
c) race
d) day

Which of the following is a possessive noun?
a) Raymond's
b) track
c) Raymond
d) street

What type of noun names a specific person, place, thing, animal, or idea?
a) proper
b) common
c) plural
d) possessive

When is a common noun capitalized?
a) Every time
b) Only at the beginning of a sentence
c) Only when it is someone's name
d) Only when it is possessive

Which of the following nouns is a common noun?
a) city
b) New York
c) Broadway
d) Gretchen

Which sentence contains a possessive noun?
a) Raymond lost his shoes.
b) Squeaky's race is up next.
c) Her number is already pinned.
d) The race occurs at the May Day celebration.

Which of the following sentences contains a proper noun?
a) We all went to May Day at the park.
b) No one can beat her.
c) She is friends with the new girl.
d) He competes in the fifty-yard dash.

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