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Mrs. Harris really don't care if we break any rule we want to
a) True
b) False- all behavior exhibited in the classroom has a consequence
c) False- Mrs. Harris will list which behaviors we can break on the board
d) True- Mrs. Harris will list which behavior we can break on the board daily

I can go to any guidance counselor I want to see
a) True
b) False- counselor are determined on the first letter of your last name
c) True- depending on the mood I am in that day
d) False- I choose the guidance counselor I want t see based on my shirt color

There is no DRESS CODE at Lake Region
a) Yes, but we don't have to follow it
b) True
c) IDK
d) False

Under what circumstance are we allowed to use our cell phone
a) Non- students are not allowed to use cell phones in class they should remain out of sight during the entire class period
b) If I think my mom is calling
c) If Ms. Costine ask me to call her during my reading class
d) If my neighbor need to call home

Who sings the song RESPECT
a) Patti LaBelle
b) Aretha Franklin
c) Beyonce
d) Lady Gaga

What is the 10 10 Rule
a) I can use my cell phone for 10 minutes
b) Students are not allowed to leave the classroom the first ten minutes and last ten minutes of class
c) IDK
d) I have ten minutes before I begin my bellwork

What do I do as soon as I come into class
a) Talk to my friends
b) Read the board for today's assignment
c) Sit in my chair and wait for class to begin
d) Do Now / Bellwork

There 4 Expectations in Mrs. Harris Room
a) True
b) Fasle
c) IDK
d) Neither True or Fasle

If I am tardy to class I can just walk in and have a seat
a) True
b) Fasle
c) IDK
d) Neither True or Fasle

What supplies do I need for the year
a) Nothing Mrs. Harris bring in all supplies needed
b) Folders
c) 1 inch binder, pencils pens, notebook paper, and composition
d) Pencil, Pens, Trapper Keeper, and Markers

Test Page
a) Set up page
b) Set up Page
c) Set up Page
d) Set up page

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