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Photosynthesis occurs in which organelle?
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) vacuole
d) chloroplast

cellular respiration occurs in the..
a) nucleus
b) chloroplast
c) vacuole
d) mitochondria

Which cell structure is mainly responsible for releasing energy from food molecules in some single celled organisms?
a) ribosome
b) choloroplast
c) cell membrane
d) mitochondrion

A student prepared a test tube containing yeast, glucose and water. After 24 hours, the test tube was analyzed. What susbstance would the student expect to find if respiration occurred?
a) a hormone
b) starch
c) oxygen
d) carbon dioxide

In nature, during a 24 hour period, a green plant continually uses
a) carbon dioxide only
b) carbon dioxide and oxygen
c) oxygen only
d) neither carbon dioxide or oxygen

Starch molecules present in a maple tree are made from materilas that originally entered the tree from the external environment as
a) starch
b) DNA
c) amino acids
d) inorganic compounds

Organisms that are able to manufacture organic nutrients from substances in the abiotic environment are classified as
a) heterotrophs
b) fungi
c) predators
d) autotrophs

All life depends on the availability of usable energy. This energy is released when
a) organisms convert solar energy into the chemical energy found in food
b) respiration occurs in the cells of producers and high energy molecules enter the atmosphere
c) cells carry out the process of respiration
d) animal cells synthesize starch and carbon dioxide

The rate at whcih all organisms obtain, transform, and transport materials depends on immediate supply of
a) ATP and enzymes
b) solar energy and carbon dioxide
c) carbon dioxide and enzymes
d) ATP and solar energy

Maple trees and roses are classified as autotrophs becuase they both
a) produces gametes by mitosis
b) prodcues carbon dioxied and water as wastes
c) are able to obtain complex organic materials from the environment
d) are able to synthesize organic molecules from inorganic raw materials

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