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Which term includes the other three?
a) ecosystem
b) community
c) population
d) species

A food chain illustrates
a) oxygen produced by respiration
b) energy flow
c) transport of glucose
d) absorption of energy

The number or organisms that can be supported is known as
a) biological feedback
b) carrying capacity
c) homeostatic control
d) biological diversity

In an ecosystem, nutrients are recycled by
a) hosts
b) prey
c) decomposers
d) autotrophs

Which organism carries out autotrophic nutrition?
a) hawk
b) grasshopper
c) deer
d) grass

Competition for biotic resources can be illustrated by organisms fighting for
a) air to breathe
b) mates for breeding
c) water to drink
d) space for nesting

In some areas, foresters plant one tree for every tree they cut. This activity is an example of
a) lack of management of nonrenewable resources
b) good conservation practice for renewable resources
c) good conservation practice for nonrenewable resources
d) lack of concern for renewable resources

A worm lives and reproduces in the soil. It aerates the soil and adds organic material to it. The worm is a source of food for birds. All of these statements together describe
a) a habitat
b) autotrophic nutrition
c) competition
d) niche

A food web is more stable than a food chain becuase a food web
a) transfers all of the producer energy to herbivores
b) reduces the number of niches in the ecosystem
c) includes alternative pathways for energy
d) includes more consumers than producers

The base of an energy pyramid for any ecosystem would include
a) producer
b) primary consumer
c) secondary consumer
d) tertiary consumer

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