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Ways to avoid the situation
a) Say no
b) Dont go to the party
c) Give another option
d) All of the above

Types of drugs
a) Cigarettes
b) Vape
c) Cocaine
d) All of the above

Different names for Marijuana
a) Weed
b) Mary Jane
c) Hash
d) All of the above

Types of Beer
a) Budweiser
b) Bud Light
c) Coors
d) All of the above

Affects of alcohol
a) poor decision
b) health defects
c) legal problems
d) All of the above

how long does it take take to addicted
a) 1 use
b) 14 uses
c) 2 years
d) never

when does the average person first try alcohol
a) 8 years
b) 12 years
c) 17 years
d) 21 years

types of alcohol
a) Vodka
b) Wine
c) Rum
d) All of the above

what kind of pressures are there to drink or do drugs
a) Peer
b) social media
c) parental
d) all of the above

should you ever drink alcohol or use drugs
a) Yes
b) Maybe
c) when the situation is right
d) no

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