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What is the process that is used to verify a user with a login and password?
a) Authentication
b) Cookie
c) Advertising ID
d) Media Influence

The name of the small data file stored on your computer from a web site?
a) Spyware
b) Cookie
c) Advertising ID
d) Worm

What is the name of the long complex string of characters used to track your purchases, likes, dislikes, etc.?
a) Malware
b) Authentication
c) Geolocation
d) Advertising ID (Ad ID)

What is the type of computer threat named for a historical war gift/trick?
a) Trojan Horse
b) Spyware
c) Malware
d) Phishing

GPS data attached to photos on a device may allow people to identify your location. This is called
a) Media Influence
b) Authentication
c) Geolocation
d) Phishing

The type of threat that may be on your device, now, that can track the keys you press is called __________?
a) Phishing
b) Scareware
c) Spyware
d) Worm

The type of threat where your data is encrypted and you need to pay money to have it released is called _______________?
a) Phishing
b) Adware
c) Computer Virus
d) Ransomware

The type of hacker that engages in ethical hacking to help businesses and organizations is called a ___________________?
a) White Hat Hacker
b) Black Hat Hacker
c) Gray Hat Hacker
d) Green Hat Hacker

Which of the following is an example of a safe password?
a) MickeyMouse
b) password
c) McDsFr3nchFr!3s*
d) 123456

A computer threat that copies and spreads, is more serious than a virus, and does not need human assistance is called a
a) Worm
b) Cookie
c) Hacker
d) Trojan Horse

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