Kaidin's Vocab 1 Question Preview (ID: 47522)

Prefix Words Using Anti, De, Dis, En, Em, And Fore.

doesn't enjoy being around others
a) antiseptic
b) discouraged
c) antisocial
d) empathy

kills germs
a) antigen
b) antiseptic
c) deflate
d) encouter

to reduce size
a) deflate
b) encounter
c) defrost
d) forego

a lowered chance of success
a) deflate
b) antisocial
c) empathy
d) disadvantage

to understand and share the feelings of another
a) sympathy
b) empathy
c) discourage
d) forego

a warning of future events
a) foreshadow
b) defrost
c) forego
d) encounter

to thaw a frozen item
a) encounter
b) embellish
c) defrost
d) antiseptic

to cause someone to lose confidence
a) foreshadow
b) deflate
c) empathy
d) discourage

unexpectedly be faced with something difficult
a) encounter
b) deflate
c) discourage
d) antisocial

a) go before
b) keep away from
c) look for food
d) leave a place

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