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A school which provides employment skills for trained labor usually lasting for 2 years or less. For example: Welding, culinary arts, health assistant
a) University
b) Technical or Trade School
c) Notre Dame
d) All of the choices are correct

An institution of higher education (4 years or more) that gets funds from non-government sources and is usually a more expensive option.
a) Private College or University
b) W & J
c) Carnegie Mellon University
d) All of the choices are correct

A post-secondary school offering a 4-year academic degree – usually easier to be admitted and less expensive.
a) Harvard and Yale
b) Trade School
c) Public College or University
d) None of the choices are correct

A school offering a transferable 2-year academic degree or a certificate of completion.
a) Community College like CCAC
c) Lookgood Modeling Academy Inc.
d) high school

An academic degree awarded following two years of study
a) Bachelor's Degree
b) Masters Degree
c) Associate Degree
d) Doctoral Degree

An academic undergraduate degree awarded following 4 years of study.
a) Bachelor's Degree
b) Master's Degree
c) Associate Degree
d) Doctoral Degree

On the job training to learn a skill or trade – this lasts for an agreed period of time between the employer/ master worker and the student worker
a) Occupation
b) Promotion
c) Tenure
d) Apprenticeship

The Nittany Lions
a) Pitt
b) Ohio U
c) Penn State
d) University of Pennsylvania

College Entrance includes:
a) SAT
b) ACT
d) all of the choices are correct

Mrs. Froats is an alumnus of:
a) Burgettstown HS, University of Akron and University of Pittsburgh
b) Fort Cherry HS, Clemson and Duquesne
c) Avella HS, NYU and Robert Morris
d) Washington HS, IUP and Carlow

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