Garrett Vocab 1 Question Preview (ID: 47511)

Anti, De, Dis, En, Em, And Fore Words.

a) a poison injected through a needle
b) a comedian's sense of humor
c) a medicine given to counteract a poison
d) supplements taken through an IV

a) gun used to attack a military aircraft
b) the fear of being on an airplane
c) the great dislike of airplanes
d) an airplane used to take down the enemy

a) to take the rails off a track
b) cause a train to leave its tracks accidentally
c) causing a person to change their mind
d) to stop a train by force

a) the underside of a plane or aircraft
b) to use a sander to smooth out a board
c) causing something to be bland
d) to leave an aircraft

a) a greeting card that insults people
b) a type of dance performed in Haiti
c) to get rid of something that is no longer useful
d) to reach an unobtainable goal

a) a group of people who play instruments and sing
b) to break up or stop functioning
c) to stretch an elastic cord as far as it can go
d) to create a small ball using rubber bands

a) to want to throw away
b) to take away all joy and pleasure
c) to care for an elderly person
d) to take delight or pleasure in

a) to squeeze with your fist
b) to hold closely in one's arms, affectionately
c) to wear a mask hiding your face
d) to stomp on the ground rapidly

a) at the front of the main scenery
b) at the back of the main scenery
c) in the middle of the main scenery
d) to play golf on the ground

a) what you see in front of you
b) the ability to predict what will happen
c) when you are near-sighted
d) the act of looking at what is in front something else

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