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Mary's coat has three pockets on each side and one in the back. How many pockets does it have?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 1
d) 6

Josh has three beanbag babies and Todd has four. Who has more?
a) Josh
b) Mary
c) Todd
d) Analia

The pumpkin vine had six pumpkins. Bob picked two. How many were left?
a) Six pumpkins
b) 3 pumpkins
c) 4 pumpkins
d) 10 pumpkins

Jenny picked up two pennies. She put them with her other six pennies. How many pennies does Jenny have?
a) 8 pennies
b) 2 pennies
c) 5 pennies
d) 3 pennies

Sue had a double scoop of ice cream. Tom had a triple scoop. Who had the smallest amount?
a) Nellie
b) Erica
c) Sue
d) Tom

Tommy had 10 cents. He bought a pencil for 5 cents. How much does he have left?
a) 10 cents
b) 15 cents
c) 1 cent
d) 5 cents

Chris has three letters. If he needs a stamp for each letter, how many stamps does he need?
a) One stamp
b) Two stamps
c) Three stamps
d) More stamps

How many ears do six elephants have?
a) Six
b) Three
c) Eight
d) Twelve

How many feet do four zebras have?
a) Two
b) Sixteen
c) Eight
d) Silly Analia, zebras don't have feet!

There were 25 students in Ms. Buller's class. One new student came. How many are in Ms. Buller's class now?
a) 26
b) 20
c) 15
d) 1

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