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Puritan Town Hall Meetings, the Mayflower Compact, Virginia House of Burgesses are all early examples of...
a) self/representative government
b) foreign treaties made by colonial leaders
c) British dictatorship
d) Jacksonian regulations

settled and established primarily for religious freedom
a) New England Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) Southern Colonies
d) Mexican Cession

Why did Europeans explore and colonize Americas ?
a) to expand their empires (GGG)
b) to commit cultural genocide
c) to only practice one religion
d) to import slaves

Which colony was established for economic reasons
a) Plymouth
b) Rhode Island
c) Jamestown
d) Maryland

Which colony was established for religious freedom
a) Jamestown
b) Plymouth
c) Georgia
d) Florida

Southern Colonies economies were based on this...
a) trade and manufacturing
b) bread making
c) shipping
d) agriculture

The phrase - no taxation without representation - was popular among the colonists in the pre-revolution era. What was the meaning behind it?
a) The wanted a colonist to be elected king
b) Colonist felt above the law and did not want to pay taxes
c) Colonists didn't want to pay taxes if they had no voice in Parliament
d) Colonist did not want to pay taxes on the Louisiana Purchase

established as a refuge for Catholics by Lord Baltimore
a) Maryland
b) Massachusetts
c) Georgia
d) Texas

Where were slave brought to in the new world to work on plantations?
a) New England Colonies
b) Middle Colonies
c) Oregon Country
d) Southern Colonies

established for criminals and debtors
a) Plymouth
b) Maryland
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

the Proclamation of 1763
a) letter that sent back colonist for not paying tax
b) taxed colonists without their consent
c) kept colonist from being able to move/settle west of the Appalachian Mtns
d) allowed colonist to purchase Texas

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