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The cell membrane allows certain particles to enter and leave the cell. What cell process is the membrane performing?
a) energy production
b) selective permeability
c) photosynthesis
d) cell respiration

What organelle produces proteins?
a) nucleus
b) golgi apparatus
c) ribosome
d) ER

The thermostat maintians a balanced temperature in any condition. What cell process is this similar to?
a) homeostasis
b) energy production
c) protein production
d) food storage

Which of the following does NOT have a cell wall?
a) plant
b) bacteria
c) fungi

A prokaryotic cell....
a) has a nucleus
b) is found in animals.
c) contains chloroplasts
d) lacks a nucleus

Which of the following best describes the role of RNA molecules that form in the nucleus when DNA is copied?
a) RNA molecules are messengers that carry the code from the DNA to the ribosomes.
b) RNA molecules determine how an organism looks and acts.
c) RNA molecules attach to the ER.
d) RNA molecules are responsible for the genetic code.

What are the building blocks of proteins?
a) amino acids
b) glucose
c) hydrogen, oxygen
d) peptide bonds

If a strand of DNA has the following code, ATTCGG, what code does the corresponding RNA have?

Which of the following make up a DNA nucleotide?
a) phosphate, sugar, nitrogen base
b) glucose and phosphate
c) nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphate
d) oxygen and hydrogen

Which of the following best describes the shape of a DNA molecule?
a) long
b) looped and twisted
c) single stranded
d) double helix

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