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Describe The Perfect Classroom And Its Environment. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The perfect classroom should be all of the following, except:
a) Fun
b) Engaging
c) Boring
d) Dynamic

What kind of seating should the perfect classroom have?
a) Flexible
b) None
c) Stationary and never moved
d) Uncomfortable

True or False: The perfect classroom should be organized.
a) True
b) False not this one
c) Still not false
d) Maybe

Should the perfect classroom have sensory materials for the students?
a) Maybe
b) No
c) Yes
d) Possibly

When should rules and procedures implemented?
a) The first week
b) Never
c) Monthly
d) Just when the teacher feels like it.

What are good qualities of a teacher?
a) Passionate, caring, maintains high expectations for all
b) Sleeps
c) Keeps a flask at their desk
d) Absent from room constantly

True or False: The room should be inviting
a) False
b) True
c) No
d) Maybe

Why is it important to engage students?
a) They will buy into the content
b) ?
c) ?
d) ?

What is one thing students need in a classroom?
a) Personal Space
b) Nothing, they're students
c) Food?
d) Nap time?

What is a strategy that helps engage students?
a) Nothing
b) What is engagement?
c) Moving the students to different places
d) Food?

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