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Portland, Oregon, is located on the west coast of the United States. This city typically has mild weather conditions as a result of its
a) marine climate
b) continental climate
c) high latitude
d) high altitude

As latitude increases,
a) temperature decreases
b) temperature increases
c) altitude increases
d) altitude decreases

A city that receives most of its total yearly precipitation during a three-month period experiences
a) seasonal precipitation patterns
b) a yearly climate change
c) steady drops in total yearly precipitation
d) a typical marine climate

A common classification system divides regions into climate zones on the basis of
a) precipitation and temperature patterns
b) evaporation and condensation patterns
c) condensation and precipitation patterns
d) evaporation and temperature patterns

Use the names of the following climate zones to help you decide which zone is characterized by extremely low precipitation and either hot or cold temperatures
a) dry
b) polar
c) humid tropical
d) moist mid-latitude

Traffic, tall buildings, and roadways all affect climate by helping to cause
a) urban heat islands
b) rain shadows
c) marine climates
d) continental climates

What is a rain shadow?
a) a dry area that forms as air flows down a mountain slope
b) an area of heavy precipitation that forms as air flows up a mountain slope
c) an area of heavy precipitation that forms as air flows down a mountain slope
d) a dry area that forms as air flows up a mountain slope

Large volcanic eruptions may release huge amounts of gas and dust into the air. This can cause
a) global temperature to decrease for up to several years
b) global temperatures to permanently decrease
c) global temperatures to increase for up to several years
d) global temperatures to permanently increase

Which of these causes short-term global climate changes?
a) El Niño
b) movement of the continents
c) increases in greenhouse gases
d) ice ages

Global warming is one predicted result of
a) human activity affecting Earth’s climates
b) natural surfaces affecting Earth’s climates
c) continents moving towards the equator
d) El Niño changing existing ocean currents

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