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Who were the first 4 provinces to join confederation
a) Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Nunavut
b) Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta
c) Quebec Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
d) Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI

Who were the loyalists
a) People who were loyal to the King of France
b) Americans that were Loyal to the president
c) Americans that were loyal to the British
d) Those who were not loyal to anyone but themselves.

What does Francophone mean
a) Someone who speaks English
b) Someone who speaks French
c) Someone who Speaks both French and English
d) Someone who speaks Frankish

What was the French trading strategy
a) to sabotage the english
b) to buy low and sell high
c) to develop direct contact and partnerships with the First Nations
d) To develop direct contact and patrnerships with the English

What was the most important economic industry on Turtle Island
a) Buffallo Hunting
b) Forestry
c) Mining
d) Fur Trade

Who were the Voyageurs
a) British Canadians who engaged in the transporting of furs by canoe during the fur trade years.
b) Indigenous peoples who were engaged in the Fur Trade
c) French Canadians who engaged in the transporting of furs by canoe during the fur trade years.
d) Fils De Roi

Who is known as the “Father of New France”
a) Christopher Columbus
b) Jacques Cartier
c) Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot)
d) Samuel de Champlain

MOst indigenous groups in Canada Recorded their histories using
a) Books
b) Petroglyphs
c) Oral story Telling
d) The internet

At the beginning of the year, we studied all of these indigenous groups EXCEPT
a) Mi'kmaq
b) Haudenosaunne
c) Cree
d) Anishinabe

What is a Dodem?
a) A clan in the Ashinabe government
b) A clan in the Mi'kmaq government
c) A form of personal Totem
d) A description of women's Roles

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