Final Exam Review 2019 Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 47448)

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Which of the following was president during WWI?
a) Truman
b) Lincoln
c) Ford
d) Wilson

Why was the interstate highway system important
a) travel and trade improved
b) led to the development of suburbs
c) it expanded the automobile industry
d) all of the above

Who were well known abolitionists?
a) John Brown
b) Harriet Beecher Stowe
c) Harriet Tubman
d) all of the above

Promotion and appreciation of African American culture occurred during?
a) Prohibition
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Progressive Era
d) Industrialization

Which of the following were Cold War events?
a) NATO was established
b) Berlin Airlift
c) Marshall Plan
d) All of the above

What court case established separate but equal?
a) Dred Scott v. Sanford
b) Schenck v. U.S.
c) Brown V. Board of Education
d) Plessy v. Ferguson

Large numbers of African Americans from the South...
a) moved to the North for jobs
b) worked at pacific lumberyards
c) moved to southwestern ranches
d) worked on Great Plains farms

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand led to what event?
a) Civil War
b) World War I
c) World War II
d) Cold War

Which court case ENDED 'separate but equal' (segregation)?
a) Schenck v. U.S.
b) Plessy v. Ferguson
c) Brown v. Board of Education
d) Dred Scott v. Sandford

Urbanization, pollution, Crime, and diseases were all a result of....
a) immigration
b) industrialization
c) westward expansion
d) reconstruction

What was the result of President Hoover's response to the problems of the Great Depression?
a) Hoovervilles
b) Hooverblankets
c) Hooverstew
d) all of the above

The mass killing of European Jews, gypsies and others during WWII was called?
a) Nuremberg Trials
b) Holocaust
c) Versailles Treaty

Who was President during WWII?
a) FDR
b) Truman
c) Eisenhower
d) both FDR and Truman

People who moved south after the civil war to take advantage of a weakened south were called
a) abolitionists
b) carpetbaggers
c) scalawags
d) Hoovervilles

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