SS 6 Religions And Middle Ages Final Review Question Preview (ID: 47437)

Use These Questions To Review For The SS 6 Final Exam.

The Magna Carta
a) gave the king unlimited power
b) limited the power of the pope
c) limited the power of the king
d) freed all serfs in England

Medieval cities were
a) well planned
b) run democratically by all people
c) clean and sanitary
d) diry, smelly, and polluted

Where did the Franks settle?
a) in an area that is now Britain
b) in an area that is now Germany
c) in an area that is now Russia
d) in an area that is now France

Which Crusade succeeded in driving the Muslims out of Jerusalem?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

Charlemagne was
a) the leader of Muslim Spain
b) unable to unite any of Europe
c) an Anglo-Saxon ruler
d) crowned the new Roman Emperor

Mountains and rivers shaped European cultures by
a) leading to devastating weather
b) allowing one group to dominate
c) separating cultures from one another
d) inspiring artists

What does monotheism mean?
a) belief in heaven
b) belief in one God
c) belief in many gods
d) belief there is no God

The Crusades were a holy war launched by
a) Catholics against Muslim Turks
b) Muslim Turks against Catholics
c) Catholics against Jews
d) Muslim Turks against Jews

The pope is the leader of
a) the Roman Catholic Church
b) the Greek Orthodox Church
c) the Roman gods
d) the Protestants

What Roman emperor ended the persecution of Christians?
a) Augustus
b) Julius Caesar
c) Diocletian
d) Constantine

Type of government used during the Middle Ages that was based on service and loyalty.
a) Democracy
b) Feudalism
c) Tyranny
d) Monarchy

Peasants who worked on manners were called
a) guilds
b) vassals
c) knights
d) serfs

Medieval knights followed rules called the code of
a) the king
b) servitude
c) chivalry
d) the brave knight

Creatures they think helped to spread the plague.
a) cats
b) rats
c) dogs
d) birds

The peasant girl who helped the French in the 100 Years War.
a) Joan of Arcadia
b) Joan of York
c) Joan of Arc
d) Cleopatra

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