Ocean Floor And Open Ocean Question Preview (ID: 4740)

In This Test You Will Be Tested On The Ocean Fish Based On The Paper You Have Previously Read. Please Answer To The Best Of Your Knowledge.PS:PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN MOVE THE DOT TO YOUR ANSWER. IT IS POSSIBLE TO EDIT ANSWERS.DO NOT!!!!!(you.[print questions]

Among the fish on the ocean floor, which are not a fish found in the depths of the sea?
a) Grenadiers
b) Coldwater flatfish
c) Viper fish
d) Tripod fish

Which fish attract prey with a growth below their lower jaw?
a) Oar fish
b) Angler fish
c) Grenaiders
d) Hatchet fish

What is a brightly colored and very rare fish?
a) Oarfish
b) Hatchet fish
c) Angler fish
d) Tuna

What are the largest and fastest fish in the ocean?
a) Ocean floor fish
b) Upper-level fish
c) Coldwater flatfish
d) Sharks

What sea creature apears to be flying through the water
a) Sunfish
b) Sharks
c) Blue Marlins
d) Manta rays

What has a brightly colored fan shaped back fin and a sword like nose?
a) Sailfish
b) Blue Marlin
c) Sunfish
d) Swordfish

What fish has a skeleton of cartilage rather than bone?
a) Whales
b) Sword fish
c) Sharks
d) Ocean sunfish

What fish hatch from eggs inside the mothers body?
a) Sharks
b) Whales
c) Oarfish
d) Salmon

What must sharks do constantly to live?
a) Eat plankton
b) Eat people
c) Brush their teeth
d) Swim

Two-thirds of a Sharks brain is devoted to...?
a) Taste
b) Smell
c) Sight
d) Mathematics

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