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What would a researcher use to show comparisons between variables?
a) graph
b) word processor
c) hypothesis
d) conclusion

What is a theory?
a) A scientific explanation for a natural phenomenom that has been repeatedly tested.
b) A scientific explanation proven to be true.
c) An educated guess.
d) A predicted outcome.

A scientists conducts an experiment and concludes that the water in the pond is acidic. What should his next steps be?
a) repeat the experiment
b) conclude that all lakes nearby are acidic
c) start taking measure to reduce the acidity in the pond
d) disregard the results and start all over

What is the potential danger of spilling a chemical on your hand?
a) Your hand could catch on fire.
b) You could get a chemical burn.
c) You could get a bacterial infection.
d) You could cut your hand.

What data would a student need to collect to determine the speed of a car?
a) mass and distance
b) mass only
c) time, distance, mass
d) distance and time

Which of the following lab equipment would you use to find the volume of a marble?
a) ruler
b) balance
c) graduated cylinder
d) beaker

You are testing a group of tomato plants to find out if light effects plant growth. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
a) height of the plant
b) types of light
c) tomato plants
d) water

A scientists hypothesizes that plants will grow faster when given fertilizer. What is the control group in this experiment.
a) tomato plants receiving fertilizer
b) watered plants
c) tomato plant that grows in soil without fertilizer
d) tomato plant under red light

When diluting an acid you should always....
a) pour the water into the acid
b) pour the acid into the water
c) mix it with baking soda
d) mix the base with water first

If the true value of a substance is 100, and we have 99.7 as our answer, then our answer is....
a) accurate
b) precise
c) a meter
d) justified

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