LP2013公开课 Question Preview (ID: 47394)

Open Day.

Sharks are scary. Many people are scared of ______.
a) it
b) him
c) them
d) her

I ____ in Harbin last summer.
a) was
b) were
c) am
d) is

There _______ a lot of animals yesterday.
a) are
b) is
c) were
d) was

Lily _____ at a wedding yesterday.
a) was
b) is
c) am
d) were

Sophia is watching a big shark and the shark is watching _____.
a) you
b) me
c) her
d) him

The shark sees Dorami. It isn't scared of ______
a) it
b) us
c) you
d) her

_______ the ice statue? It was on the table with the flowers.
a) How were
b) Where was
c) What
d) Was

______ the flowers pretty? Yes, they were. They were very pretty.
a) Was
b) Where
c) Were
d) How were

____ the sandwiches? They were delicious!
a) How were
b) Were
c) Was
d) Where were

_____ the cookies good?
a) Were
b) Was
c) How were
d) What was

Leo _____ √√√√ helps William.
a) usually
b) never
c) hardly ever
d) always

Shawn _______ × plays inside in summer
a) hardly ever
b) sometimes
c) never
d) usually

I _____ √√ go to the store with my mom.
a) sometimes
b) never
c) hardly ever
d) always

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