-ing Endings Question Preview (ID: 47365)

Add -ing To Base Words To Describe Whats Happening Now.

add -ing to skate
a) skating
b) skated
c) skateing
d) skateed

add -ing to chase
a) chased
b) chaseing
c) chasing
d) chacing

add -ing to bake
a) baked
b) baking
c) bakeing
d) making

add -ing to ask
a) asking
b) askeing
c) asked
d) ask

add -ing to like
a) licking
b) liceing
c) likeing
d) liking

add -ing to wait
a) waining
b) wating
c) waiting
d) waiteing

add -ing to spill
a) spilling
b) spelling
c) spiling
d) spill

add -ing to want
a) want
b) wonting
c) wanting
d) wantig

add -ing to close
a) closing
b) close
c) closeing
d) cloning

add -ing to hope
a) hopping
b) hoped
c) hoping
d) hoppin

add -ing to walk
a) waking
b) walking
c) walked
d) waning

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