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ELA Review Game.

What does this phrase mean: My homework was a piece of cake!
a) My homework was easy.
b) My homework was very difficult.
c) My homework was covered in cake.
d) My dog ate my homework.

What text feature helps you determine the topic or main idea of the text?
a) glossary
b) heading
c) table of contents
d) caption

What text structure discusses the differences and similarities of two or more things?
a) compare and contrast
b) chronological order
c) cause and effect
d) problem and solution

What pronouns will you find in first person point of view?
a) he, she, it, and they
b) you, your, and yours
c) names of people, me, and my
d) I, mine, our

What structural elements are found in poetry?
a) stanzas, verse, and speaker
b) stage directions, scenes, and acts
c) sentences, paragraphs, and theme
d) meter, stage directions, and setting

What are the story elements?
a) first person, second person, and third person
b) realistic fiction, informational, and fantasy
c) setting, characters, conflict, resolution, and theme
d) poetry, prose, and drama

If you come across an unknown word, what will you use to help you determine the word?
a) point of view
b) context clues
c) story elements
d) index

Theme is ____________.
a) to retell what the author has said in your own words
b) the most important idea about the topic
c) how the text is written
d) the message, big idea, or lesson that the author wants readers to learn

Main idea is ___________.
a) one or two words about what the text discusses
b) the message the author is trying to convey
c) what the text is mostly about
d) who is telling the story

What does genre mean?
a) how the author organizes the text
b) a type of book you are reading
c) what the text is mostly about
d) the message the author is trying to convey

A firsthand account is _____________.
a) a description of an event based on research
b) a description of an event that comes from someone who was not there to see or experience it
c) a secondary source
d) a description of an event that comes from someone who was actually there to see or experience it

Which phrase is an example of an alliteration?
a) I am so hungry I can eat a horse!
b) He swam like a fish.
c) Amazing Ally ate a lot of apples.
d) The flowers were dancing in the wind.

What is the purpose of a narrative writing?
a) to inform readers about a topic
b) to tell an entertaining story
c) to research a topic and write a report on it
d) to write an essay about a topic

What are the structural elements of a drama?
a) repetition, rhythm, and speaker
b) point of view, mood, and plot
c) acts, imagery, and rhyme
d) description, dialogue, and stage directions

What text structure explains a conflict and describes how it is resolved?
a) sequential order
b) problem and solution
c) cause and effect
d) compare and contrast

What genre explains something about the world and includes gods and goddesses?
a) biography
b) realistic fiction
c) myth
d) informational

Fill in the blank: I have ______ many shoes in my closet.
a) too
b) two
c) to

Fill in the blank: The students needed to turn in ________ permission slips in order to go on the field trip.
a) they're
b) there
c) their

Which word is spelled correctly?
a) conclusion
b) conclushion
c) conclution
d) counclusion

What is the synonym for sly?
a) honest
b) evil
c) mischievous
d) polite

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