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If the average atomic mass of carbon is 12.01 u, 1 mole of pure carbon will have a mass of
a) 6 g
b) 6 mol
c) 12.01 g
d) 12 mol

The average atomic mass of potassium is about 39 u. What is the mass of 2 mol of potassium
a) 0.39 g
b) 0.78 g
c) 39 g
d) 78 g

You have 6.5 mol of chromium, which has a molar mass of approximately 52 g/mol. What is the mass in grams of this amount of chromium
a) 3.38g
b) 33.8 g
c) 338 g
d) 3.38 kg

Which statement about the modern model of the atom is not true
a) Electrons can be found between energy levels
b) electrons can be found only in certain energy levels
c) the precise location of electrons cannot be predicted
d) atoms of the same element are exactly alike

Which statement is true according to Dalton's theory
a) atoms of different elements can join to form larger atoms
b) atoms can be subdivided into smaller particles
c) atoms of the same element differ in electric charge
d) atoms of the same element are exactly alike

According to Bohr's theory, and electron's path around the nucleus defines its
a) electric charge
b) atomic mass
c) energy level
d) speed

An atom's mass number equals the number of
a) protons plus the number of electrons
b) protons plus the number of neutrons
c) protons
d) neutrons

a unified atomic mass unit is equal to
a) one half the mass of a hydrogen atom
b) one fourth the mass of a lithium ion
c) one twelfth the mass of a carbon 12 atom
d) one fifteenth the mass of a nitrogen 15 atom

Avogadro's number is defined as the number of particles in
a) one mole of the substance
b) one liter of the substance
c) one gram of the substance
d) one kilogram of the substance

Molar Mass is defined as
a) the number of particles in one mole of a substance
b) the SI base unit that describes the amount of a substance
c) the amount of a substance necessary to have a positive charge
d) the mass in grams of one mole of a substance

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