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Select the scenario in which an airplane does have kinetic energy, but does not have gravitational potential energy.
a) accelerating down the runway
b) waiting in line on the taxiway
c) parked at the loading gate
d) in flight

A washing machine is plugged into a wall outlet that has a voltage of 240 V. The total resistance present in the machine's wiring is 12 ohms. What current runs through this circuit?
a) 252 amps
b) 200 amps
c) 20 amps
d) 12 amps

The flow of electricity through a light bulb filament can be compared to the flow of water down a waterfall. In such a comparison, select the property of the waterfall that would be analogous to the voltage across the light bulb.
a) water depth
b) rate of flow of the water
c) water temperature
d) height of the waterfall

Select the situation that will result in the greatest gravitational force between two bodies.
a) large combined mass and small distance apart
b) large combined mass and great distance apart
c) small combined mass and great distance apart
d) small combined mass and small distance apart

Which of these substances has the highest specific heat?
a) water
b) ice
c) steam
d) lead

Which group has 8 valence electrons in its elemental form?
a) alkaline earth metals
b) halogens
c) alkali metals
d) noble gases

A skier traveling at 30 m/s falls and comes to rest 10 seconds later. What is her acceleration?
a) 300 m/s/s
b) 3 m/s/s
c) -3 m/s/s
d) -300 m/s/s

In which of the following media will sound waves travel fastest?
a) space
b) hot, humid air
c) a piece of sheet metal
d) a swimming pool

Select the product of radioactive decay that has the greatest ability to penetrate matter.
a) alpha particles
b) beta particles
c) gamma rays
d) neutrons

Which of the following objects could an electromagnet lift?
a) garbage bags
b) bark
c) old cars
d) old fiberglass boats

Julie puts a backpack on the resistance arm of a lever. What would you do to decrease the force input needed to lift the backpack with the lever?
a) Move the fulcrum closer to the backpack.
b) Move the fulcrum farther away from the backpack.
c) Remove the books from the backpack.
d) Both A and C will decrease the force input.

A graduated cylinder contains 25 mL of water and has a mass of 68 g. A small stone was dropped into the water and the water level rose to the 30 mL mark and the new mass is 78 g. What is the density of the stone?
a) 2 g/mL
b) 10 g/mL
c) .5 g/mL
d) 5 g/mL

Select the method of heat transfer that causes the iron handle of an iron skillet to get hot when the skillet is heated on a stove.
a) convection
b) radiation
c) conduction
d) friction

Electromagnetic radiation moves from the Sun to the Earth continuously. The wavelengths emitted include infrared, ultraviolet and visible light. Which of these arrives first if all are emitted from the Sun at the same time?
a) infrared
b) ultraviolet
c) visible
d) all will hit at the same time because electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed through space

How are isotopes different from the given element characterized?
a) same # of protons and same # of neutrons
b) same # of protons and different # of neutrons
c) different # of protons and same # of neutrons
d) different # of protons and different # of neutrons

In which family on the periodic table are the most reactive metals located?
a) alkali metals
b) alkaline earth metals
c) transition metals
d) noble gases

Using the periodic table, determine the number of neutrons that MOST copper atoms contain.
a) 29
b) 35
c) 64
d) 93

How are ionic compounds different from covalent compounds?
a) ionic compounds contain only metals
b) ionic compounds transfer electrons and covalent compounds share electrons
c) ionic compounds share electrons and covalent compounds transfer electrons
d) ionic compounds contain only nonmetals

Ms. Gibson has an unknown white, crystallized substance. She needs to determine if the substance is an ionic of covalent compound. After conducting many tests, determine the correct outcome that identifies the substance.
a) When place on a hot plate, the substance melted quickly at a low temperature so it must be an ionic compound.
b) When dissolved in water, the solution conducted electricity so it must be a covalent compound.
c) When placed on a hot plate, the substance didn't melt at the highest temperature setting so it must be a covalent compound.
d) When dissolved in water, the solution conducted electricity so it must be an ionic compound.

Select the type of ion that is produced when a strong acid is added to water.
a) hydrated
b) hydride
c) hydroxide
d) hydrogen

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