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Food Webs And Energy. VA LS SOL.[print questions]

What is the relationship between producers and consumers?
a) Consumers eat producers
b) Producers eat consumers
c) Producers eat the wastes of consumers
d) Consumers eat the wastes of producers

What happens to the amount of available energy as you move up the levels of the energy pyramid?
a) It decreases
b) It only changes when there are fourth level consumers
c) It increases
d) It stays the same

Organisms that absorb nutrients from dead plants and animals are called —
a) herbivores
b) decomposers
c) producers
d) carnivores

The major role of bacteria, fungi and other decomposers in an ecosystem is to —
a) produce food for the consumers
b) recycle the nutrients
c) keep the soil from eroding
d) provide water for the animals in the area

In the relationship between a snake and a frog, if the snake eats the frog, the frog is —
a) a predator
b) a mutualistic partner
c) alpha
d) prey

Vultures feed primarily on the bodies of dead animals. They are —
a) omnivores
b) scavengers
c) autotrophs
d) producers

Which term best describes the niche of a shark?
a) Predator
b) Prey
c) Parasite
d) Decomposer

The job or role an organism plays within its habitat is called its —
a) address
b) food chain
c) competition
d) niche

All populations of different species living together in an area are called —
a) a community
b) a population
c) carnivores
d) an ecosystem

What is predation within a species?
a) The function of an organism within an ecological community
b) The capturing of prey as a means to maintain life
c) An interaction between organisms in which the fitness of one is lowered by the presence of another.
d) A similar relationship of mutual interdependence

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