Greece Republic Vocab. Question Preview (ID: 47024)

Chapter 12 Vocab.[print questions]

a government where citizens have the right to vote and elect government officials
a) Republic
b) tyranny
c) legion
d) veto

a) the basic unit of the Roman army - 4,500-5,000 heavily armed soldiers
b) maniple
c) constitution
d) magistrate

a unit between 60-160 soldiers
a) maniple
b) legion
c) veto
d) constitution

A system of rules by which a government is organized
a) constitution
b) veto
c) maniple
d) consul

To stop or cancel the action of a government official or body. In Latin, it means, I forbid
a) veto
b) consul
c) republic
d) forum

An open area in a city with public buildings, temples, and markets
a) forum
b) legion
c) toga
d) consul

elected officials who enforce law
a) magistrates
b) toga
c) consul
d) constitution

a garment of clothing men wrapped around their body
a) toga
b) legion
c) consul
d) magistrate

The top officials in the Roman republic. Their job was to lead the army. They presided over the senate and assemblies and were the highest judges.
a) consul
b) magistrate
c) maniple
d) legion

The United States has this form of government
a) Democratic Republic
b) Tyranny
c) Oligarchy
d) Monarchy

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