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a) sodium monochloride
b) sodium chloride
c) Sodium (I) Chlorine
d) Soduim chlorate

a) Magnesium Oxide
b) Manganese Oxide
c) Magnesium monoxide
d) Monomanganese monoxide

a) Calcium monosulfur tetraoxide
b) Calcium sulfate
c) Calcium sulfite
d) calcium hydrogen sulfate

a) Iron chloride
b) Iron trichloride
c) Iron (III) Chloride
d) monoiron trichloride

a) potassium oxide
b) dipotassium monoxide
c) Potassium monoxide
d) Potassium oxalate

a) sulfide nitride
b) tetranitrogen tetranitride
c) Sulfur tetranitride
d) tetrasulfur tetranitride

a) dipotassium pentoxide
b) phosphide oxide
c) diphosphorus pentoxide
d) phosphorus oxygen

a) monocarbon dioxide
b) carbon dioxide
c) carbon oxide
d) carbide oxide

a) dinitrogen monoxide
b) nitride oxide
c) nitrogen monoxide
d) nitrogen oxide

a) Arsenic disulfide
b) arsenic sulfide
c) monoarsenic disulfide
d) Asenic sulfur

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