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The four major advances in technology that influenced development of early cultures include all of the following except
a) developing language
b) controlling fire
c) the beginnings of agriculture
d) the invention of tools

Historians refer to the time when people went from hunting and gathering their foods to relying on farming and herding as
a) the Agricultural Revolution
b) the Age of Discovery
c) the global village
d) the start of world history

Which of the following would NOT be considered an institution?
a) clothing
b) families
c) political organizations
d) museums

The way different groups work together in a society is known as its
a) social structure
b) institution
c) civilization
d) social class

The most basic social unit of any culture is the
a) family
b) church
c) village
d) government

In developed nations, the basic unit is the _____________family.
a) nuclear
b) extended
c) single-parent
d) global

Two important features of a culture are
a) language and religious beliefs
b) natural resources and climate
c) weather and writing
d) economy and climate

Changes in our natural environment, technological discoveries and inventions, and the spread of new ideas all cause
a) cultural changes
b) population density changes
c) an economic depression
d) an economic inflation

Today, people from all over the world can
a) communicate quickly and easily
b) remain culturally isolated
c) limit cultural diffusion
d) influence government decision making

A change in the environment can affect all of the following aspects of culture except
a) a person's religion
b) how people dress
c) the food people eat
d) the way people work

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