Chapter 14: Mixtures And Solutions Question Preview (ID: 46878)

Mixtures And Solutions Basics.

these are colligative properties
a) boiling point elevation, freezing point depression
b) evaporation, melting
c) endothermic, exothermic
d) boiling point depression, freezing point elevation

if I add sugar to a saturated solution:
a) the sugar dissolves
b) the sugar do not dissolve
c) the sugar reacts with water
d) the water starts to evaporate

50 g in 100 mL is...
a) vol%
b) wt%
c) molality
d) solubility

when the molecules of solvent surround the molecules of solute
a) this is solubility
b) this is osmosis
c) this is molarity
d) this is solvation

I should increase the solubility if...
a) I add solvent
b) I add solute
c) I increase the temperature
d) I decrease the temperature

How much NaOH is there in 100 mL of a 1 M solution?
a) 1 mol
b) 1 g
c) 0.1 mol
d) 0.001 mol

what is the formula for making dilutions?
a) C1 x C2 = V1 x V2
b) C1 / C2 = V1 / V2
c) C1 x V2 = C2 x V1
d) C1 x V1 = C2 x V2

A solution with 30 g of solute in 100 mL of solvent is:
a) 30 vol%
b) 30 wt%
c) 30 M
d) none of these

A solution with 25 g of solute in 100 g of solution is:
a) 25 vol%
b) 25 wt%
c) 25 M
d) none of these

osmosis is
a) a chemical reaction
b) the tendency of water to move into a more concentrated solution
c) the tendency of water to move into a less concentrated solution
d) the change of water from liquid to gas

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