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A graphic illustrations of numbers, percentages, or other data.
a) Chart
b) File
c) Table
d) Presentation

The small green circle used for rotating a picture, clipart, or graphic item.
a) Sizing Handles
b) Rotation Handles
c) Placeholder Border
d) Insertion Point

To change the text appearance by applying a new font face, size, alignment, color, or style
a) Edit
b) Insert
c) Format
d) All of the Above

A method of viewing and organizing multiple thumbnail slides in the presentation at one time.
a) Slide Sorter View
b) Slide Show View
c) Normal View
d) Any View

An item other than text, such as a table, chart, clip art, WordArt, or worksheet.
a) Buttons
b) Object
c) Bullets
d) Hyperlink

The printout of a presentation that would assist the presenter in reminding him/her what to say to the audience.
a) Outline View
b) Handouts
c) No such printout exist
d) Notes Pages

The pane in which a presenter can enter a reminder of what to say to the audience.
a) Notes Pane
b) Outline Pane
c) Window Pane
d) Task Pane

One way to insert a hyperlink into a presentation.
a) Click on the Hyperlink icon on the toolbar
b) Insert, Link
c) Insert, Object, Browse, Hyperlink
d) Any of the above

One thing you must remember when creating PowerPoint presentations.
a) Animations
b) Transitions
c) Consistency
d) Color Schemes

When you want to print your PowerPoint presentation horizontally on the page, which orientation should you choose?
a) Portriat
b) Horizontal
c) Vertical
d) Landscape

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