Ecosystems, Biomes And Invasive Species Question Preview (ID: 46776)

Ecosystems Biomes Invasive Species.

Biomes are determined by?????
a) location
b) precipitation and temperature
c) scientists
d) latitude

Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) good soil
b) rainfall
c) moss and algae
d) temperature

What change would be detrimental (BAD) to a habitat or biome?
a) a severe drought (LACK of water) followed by a forest fire
b) increasing the nutrients in the soil
c) a balance of predators and prey
d) the correct amount of rainfall

Limiting factors determine an area's carrying capacity ( how many animals or plants that are there) because of?????
a) resources they need
b) ecosystems are very small
c) animals are limited
d) plants are limited

The moist biologically diverse biome is the.....
a) tropical rainforest
b) swamp
c) tundra
d) temperate grasslands

Which of the following statements are true about a savannah?
a) savannahs include large herbivores such as elephants
b) during the rainy season savannahs get very little rain
c) savannahs have steep mountain ranges
d) savannahs are rainy year round

What do you call an animal that catches and eats another animal?`
a) predator
b) prey
c) producer
d) parasite

What is another name for a plant?
a) producer
b) prey
c) predator
d) parasite

Any living thing that does NOT MAKE FOOD is called a.....
a) consumer
b) predator
c) producer
d) prey

When is food a limiting factor?
a) When the population is too high
b) when there is too much food
c) when the population is low
d) when there is too much water

Invasive animals and plants are living things that ....
a) are not native and have nothing to limit their growth
b) are native and good for the environment
c) are native and kind of bad for the environment
d) naturally introduced

Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores are all......?
a) consumers
b) producers
c) predators
d) decomposers

What type of relationship do a shark and a remora fish have? The shark gets nothing from it but the remora gets food and protection.
a) mutualism
b) comensalism
c) parasitism
d) community

What type of symbiosis do both organisms help each other in some way? Best friends...
a) commensalism
b) mutualism
c) parasitism
d) community

When a dog has a tick what kind of relationship is that?
a) parasitism
b) mutualism
c) commensalism
d) community

After one species disappears in an ecosystem, the other species will be.....
a) thrown out of balance
b) benefit
c) die
d) not affected

Grass gains energy from the sun and is an example of a .....
a) producer
b) consumer
c) parasite
d) decomposer

Rocks, temperature and water are what part of the environment?
a) abiotic factors
b) biotic factors
c) populations
d) living

A bid eats a worm.. Who is the predator?
a) the worm
b) the bird
c) both the bird and the worm
d) neither the bird or the worm

A community is several living things interacting while a population is ......
a) members of ONE species in an area
b) biotic and abiotic things
c) nonliving things
d) a single organism

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