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Pre-drawn artwork, photos, animations, and sound clips that can be inserted into files.
a) AutoShapes
b) Objects
c) Clipart
d) WordArt

A preformatted slide design that contains colors and graphics to make your presentation consistent and attractive.
a) Design Template
b) WordArt
c) Background
d) Color Scheme

A view that displays one slide at a time as it would be displayed in a slide show.
a) Slide Sorter View
b) Normal View
c) Slide Show View
d) Default View

A pane which allows you see the outline of a slide presentation in text form organized by outline levels.
a) Outline Pane
b) Notes Pane
c) Task Pane
d) Window Pane

A gray shaded area around the edge of a placeholder.
a) Sizing Handles
b) Placeholder Border
c) Marching Ants
d) Slide Border

A set of slides or handouts that contain information you want to convey to an audience.
a) Presentation
b) Slide Show
c) PowerPoint
d) All of the Above

Predetermined sets of placeholders for various types of slide content.
a) Placeholders
b) Placeholder Border
c) Slide Layout
d) Content Layout

One way to insert a hyperlink into a presentation.
a) Click on Insert, Hyperlink
b) Click on File, Edit, Hyperlink
c) Click on Insert, Browse Files, Hyperlink
d) Click on Insert, Object, Hyperlink

Steps to take when you wish to print a Handout with 4 slides per page.
a) Click on File, Print Preview, Grayscale, Print
b) Click on File, Print
c) Click on File, Print Preview, Print What, Choose 4 slides per page, Print
d) Any of the above

The steps you can take to begin a presentation and show it to an audience.
a) Click on View, Slide Sorter View
b) Click on View, Slide Show View
c) Click on View, Normal View
d) Any of the Above

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