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To apply movement to text or an object.
a) Animate
b) Slide Timing
c) Link
d) Transition

A set of compatible colors in a slide used for background, type, lines, and objects.
a) Design Template
b) Color Scheme
c) Background
d) WordArt

Default views of slides in a presentation enabling you to quickly switch to the slide you wish to view by clicking on it.
a) Slide Show View
b) Default View
c) Slide Sorter View
d) Normal View

A view which displays the slides in the presentation so that you can quickly switch to the slide you want to view by clicking on it.
a) Slide Show View
b) Default View
c) Slide Sorter View
d) Normal View

Designated areas in PowerPoint layouts that can be used to easily insert text, graphics, or multimedia objects.
a) Slides
b) Placeholder
c) Content Layouts
d) Marching Ants

A presentation graphics program that lets you create slide shows that can be shown on a computer screen with a projector.
a) Presentation
b) MicroSoft
c) PowerPoint
d) Slide Show

Any of eight small black boxes located on a placeholder’s border, used to resize the placeholder.
a) Sizing Handles
b) Borders
c) Rotation Handles
d) Placeholder

The visual effect used when one slide moves off of the screen and another moves onto the screen.
a) Animations
b) Fade
c) Slide Timing
d) Transitions

One way to create a copy of a slide that includes all text, content objects, and formatting of the original.
a) Click on Insert, Copy
b) Click on the slide then press the delete key
c) Click on Insert, Duplicate
d) Click on Edit, Slide

Steps to take when you wish to print a presentation in Grayscale.
a) Click on File, Print
b) Click on File, Print Preview, Choose Grayscale, Print
c) Click on Edit, Choose Grayscale, Print
d) Click on the Print icon on the toolbar

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