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The human body is nearly __________ percent water.
a) 20
b) 50
c) 70
d) 90

Water moves up plant stems by __________.
a) density
b) capillary action
c) polarity
d) gravity

About 41 percent of the water in the United States is used for __________.
a) agriculture
b) transportation
c) industry
d) household use

Water used for irrigation can come from all of the following EXCEPT __________.
a) lakes
b) rivers
c) clouds
d) underground

Boating and water skiing are examples of water used for __________.
a) transportation
b) production
c) recreation
d) agriculture

Approximately __________ percent of Earth's water is freshwater available for human use.
a) ten
b) 90
c) one
d) 99

Using less water when you shower is an example of water __________.
a) reuse
b) irrigation
c) flow
d) conservation

Mulching the ground around plants and installing drip tubes above plant roots are examples of conservation methods used in __________.
a) agriculture
b) mining
c) transportation
d) industry

Letter C is _____________.
a) runoff
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) sublimation

Letter B is _______________.
a) Runoff
b) Precipitation
c) Evaporation
d) Condensation

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