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This Is A Review Of The US Civil War For 5th Grade. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The North was mainly an ________society in which people held jobs.
a) rural
b) suburban
c) urban
d) small

What are tariffs?
a) Taxes on imported goods
b) Taxes on restaurants
c) A check that you receive from the government
d) A fun afternoon

Who wanted the tariffs?
a) The East
b) The West
c) The South
d) The North

Northerners believed that slavery should be abolished because it was:
a) not profitable
b) morally wrong
c) something everyone else was getting rid of
d) the south wanted to keep it

What was the result of the Missouri Compromise?
a) Missouri and Maine entered the union as slave states
b) Missouri entered the union as a slave state; Maine as a free state
c) Maine entered the union as a slave state; Missouri as a free state
d) Missouri compromised on how much they would eat

What was the Compromise of 1850?
a) California would be a free state; The Southwest territories would decide about slavery themselves
b) California would be a slave state
c) The Southwest territories would be a slave area
d) California would decide about slavery by itself

What was the result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
a) There was no result.
b) Kansas and Nebraska would both be free states
c) Kansas and Nebraska would both be slave states
d) People in these areas would decide the slavery issue by popular vote

What happened after Lincoln became president?
a) The northern states seceded from the union
b) The southern states seceded from the Union
c) Lincoln let the south secede
d) Lincoln's wife, Mary-Todd Lincoln rooted for the south

What event marked the beginning of the Civil War?
a) Northern forces attacked Richmond
b) Confederate forces flew their flag
c) Northern forces invaded down the Mississippi River
d) Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, in South Carolina

Lincoln issued the
a) Free the land owners
b) Keep slaves from moving to the North
c) Free the slaves
d) Help business owners

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