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After doing a presentation the lecturer asked the class to grade their own work and give reasons for their grade. This is an example of
a) Peer Assessment
b) Classroom Assessment
c) Self Assessment
d) Observational Assessment

This is a direct form of assessment used to prompt students to represent or demonstrate their learning or produce work
a) Project
b) Portfolios
c) Checklists
d) Rating Scales

The instruction on a Section of an exam instructed students to briefly describe; students were advised answers should be no more than 4 sentences. This is?
a) Short -Answer Items
b) Restrictive Response Essays
c) Extended Response Essays
d) Close Essays

Mrs. Green has all his students keep samples of their work in a file, which is dated and makes note of student's efforts, progress, and achievement in specific areas. This is a_________.
a) Checklist
b) Project
c) Anecdotal Record
d) Journal

Students are given a continuous paragraph with key words missing for students to fill. This is an example of?
a) Fill in the blanks
b) Completion
c) Cloze Test
d) Omissions Test

Examples of a good multiple choice test includes but is not limited to:
a) stem should be close to the choices, stem should avoid verbal clues
b) One item should provide a clue for other items, stem should stand clear of the choices
c) stem should not be close to the choices, distracters should not be comparable in grammar
d) stem should avoid grammatical and verbal clues, distracters should be comparable in grammar

Marissa's mom is a chef, she volunteers at school to mark students while they cook in Human Ecology Class. This is an example of?
a) Performance based assessment
b) Authentic Assessment
c) Traditional Assessment
d) Alternative Assessment

A teacher may use this while observing students during assessment to determine if student has accomplished certain objectives.
a) Checklists
b) Rating Scales
c) Students Profile
d) Anecdotal records

Students are asked to read each other essays and make suggestions for improvement and corrections.
a) Classroom Assessment
b) Group Assessment
c) Peer Assessment
d) Self Assessment

These are examples of self assessment
a) Rating scales, checklist,journals
b) Journals, Projects, interview
c) Rating scales, projects, end of term quiz
d) Journals, projects, multiple choice tests

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