Ecology A Review #1 Question Preview (ID: 4651)

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What is an example of a parasitic relationship?
a) Honey Guide Bird and Badger
b) Wrasse Fish and Black Sea Bass
c) Codling Moth and Apple Tree
d) Oxpecker and Rhino

Which of the following organisms is a consumer?
a) Oak Tree
b) Maple Tree
c) Milkweed
d) Cow

Which of the following organisms is a producer
a) Chicken
b) Corn
c) Cow
d) Fungi

What is an omnivore?
a) Organism that eats both plants and animals
b) Organism that eats only meat
c) A predator
d) Organism that eats only plants

What is the relationship between a venus fly trap and a house fly?
a) Mutualistic
b) Symbiotic
c) Predator/Prey
d) Commensalism

Why must a producer be at the bottom of an energy pyramid?
a) Because they taste mmmm good!
b) Because they consume other organisms
c) Because they can make their own food from the sun
d) They don't need to be at the bottom

Which of the following is biotic?
a) Rock
b) Mineral
c) Bacteria
d) Sunlight

Which of the following is abiotic?
a) Mineral
b) Fungi
c) Bacteria
d) You

Which of the following would get its food from the road kill in front of the school?
a) Snake
b) Rodent
c) Fungi/Bacteria
d) Producer

Lichens are an example of______________________.
a) Werewolves
b) Parasitism
c) Commensalism
d) Interdependence

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