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"Hello, my ______________________________ Sam."
a) name is
b) called is
c) age is
d) name are

"My name is Jane. __________ to ____________ you."
a) Perfect to see you
b) Nice to meet you
c) Come to see you
d) Meet to us you

Where ______________________________ school?
a) your
b) you go
c) do you go to
d) do go

__________________ 3rd grade.
a) I'm in
b) I'm
c) We are
d) You are

What ______________________ to do after school?
a) you
b) do you like
c) you like
d) like do you

How ________________________ to school every day?
a) do you get
b) you go
c) go
d) went

My birthday is ____________ April.
a) on
b) in

My brother's birthday is _________ August 16th.
a) on
b) in

I ________________ stickers.
a) am 9
b) am have 10
c) have 11
d) some

_________ many brothers and sisters do you have?
a) What
b) Which
c) Do
d) How

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