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A species with broad niches that can use a wide array of habitats and resources is called____?
a) Natural Selection
b) Specialist
c) Generalist
d) Opportunist

Which of these is not a type of population distribution?
a) random
b) uniform
c) segregated
d) clumped

The number of individual organisms present at a given time is known as ________.
a) Populatin size
b) Population density
c) Population distribution
d) Population characterists

The crude birth or death rates are per _________ individuals.
a) 1 million
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

_______________ growth increases by a fixed percent.
a) Exponential
b) Limiting
c) Logistic
d) K- selected

A logistic growth curve is ___-shaped
a) S
b) J
c) U
d) bell

What are density dependent factors?
a) limiting factors whose influence is affected by population density
b) events such floods
c) limiting factors which influence is not affected by population density
d) landslides

K- selected species have the following characterists, except one. Choose the incorrect characteristic
a) Have a low biotic potential
b) stabilize at or near carrying capacity
c) good competitors
d) little parental care

Which of these species is least vulnerable to extinction?
a) A species with a population size of 50 individuals
b) A species distributed througout the United States
c) A species that eats only river snails
d) A species that lives on mountaintops

The process of selection conducted under human direction is called ________.
a) Artificial selection
b) Natural selection
c) Adaptive traits
d) Allopatric speciation

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